General Awards

The Arrow Awards are being offered in 31 different categories.

Gold and Silver will be awarded in each category. All Gold and Silver winners will be announced to the press and the book trade industry as well as be featured on The Arrow Awards website and social media pages.

Each Gold and Silver winner will receive a certificate plus 20 sample award seals for use on book covers and other promotional materials.

Each Gold winner will receive a personalized award.

All Gold and Silver winners in each category will be notified by March 28, 2020 via email.

The Golden Arrow Award

The Golden Arrow Award represents the best of the best. As such, all of the finalists with the highest judging scores in each category will automatically be nominated for the Golden Arrow Award. The Golden Arrow will be voted on by our judges and announced with the winners of the specific genre categories.

You can preview additional merchandise as well as be able to order additional medals, personalized certificates, and high-quality award stickers to affix to the front of book covers through our online store. Store will open in 2020.

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